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Why donate to this cause?

In today's world, our youth are either dying young or being influenced to do negative things in their community. According to, 44, 339 thousand youth die due to homicides, murders, and other violent means. This happens all around the USA and needs to stop. We have a passion to start with our city of Buffalo, NY!

Changing the way our youth think is very important in today's society. When they listen to rap that influences them to harm someone or act in a certain way they shouldn't, it takes away their future. There needs to be a change, and a positive example sharing the message of Truth can set them on the right path.

Our founder believes that Christan Hip-Hop can change the way our youth think and act. He's a CHH Artists himself so this vision for Reaching the Unreached fest, Inc is in good hands. 

Our future plans are to give the youth on the east side of Buffalo and surrounding areas a center of hope and a safe place to vent, play basketball, and get educated.



how will this impact the youth?

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Our founder's story:

At the age of thirteen I was broken to the point my heart did not want anything from God, death with death. My soul was in the wrong place, getting involved with the streets, and leading my peers to certain gangs. But God in His grace had compassion on me. At the age of 15 I got saved and went to a Christian hip hop concert where my way of thinking started to change. I even started to create my own Christian group. I know CHH and Reaching the Unreached Fest will impact youth that deal with gang violence and the wrong kind of life. We ask everyone to help us reach the one that is lost today!

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Your support really means the world to us and will be used for a greater purpose. We're planning a big Christan Hip-Hop Festival happening in July. The seed that you bring to the table either in money or volunteers will multiply our impact. The money from this campaign will be used to book our next headliners from different cities and will help us cover other necessary bills.