"Direct us into the Future"

Responsibilties of Board member

The following board member should be able to meet the responsibilities described below

  • Establishing the Organization's Mission and Purpose. ... 

  • Fundraising, Training

  • Organizational Planning. ... 

  • Monitoring and Managing Financial Resources. ... 

  • Assessing and Developing Skills. ... 

  • Serve on Committees. ... 

  • Help lead....

Values you should have

Support Chair In all tasks

Duty of Care, loyalty, and obedience

Shape and honor mission, goals, legacy, and bylaws

Cast informed votes

Raise 10-20% of org’s budget through “give or get” policy

Cultivating financial support (self and others)

Reviewing organizational finances regularly

Set policy

Attend all meetings

Delegate tasks to comm.

Reduce or eliminate conflicts of interest

We are looking for the following qualifications, 


Board member

Vice Chair


Each person should be skilled and be able to follow the mission of the organization which is to ”reach the next generation. Some are dieing young and need to

be reached. The festivals will be full of christan hip-hop that will change the youth's way of thinking and letting them know how Jesus loves them. Helping the community is a must”


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