Are you a youth group?


We are looking for youth groups in Buffalo, NY and other surrounding areas. We would love for your group to come out and worship the Father with us. We have both headliners and up-and-coming artists who will be performing at this exciting three-day event.

Our youth

This Festivle will be an experince for our youth, not only will their be Worship music on Sunday but its going to be full of christan hip hop. 

Age range?

our age range is 13 - 17 with super vision, other young children may come with supervision. this event is for everyone

What about Covid?

We will have all Covid-19 procedures in place, Temper check with masks(Not required) and chairs 6 feet apart.

Youth opportunity's

This ministry can also be turned into a fundraiser opportunity for your youth group. If you and your youth group help sell tickets, you will receive a percentage of the tickets you have sold to support your ministry. We believe in reaching the youth - by partnering with us you’re helping build the next generation. Your support and attendance helps share the good news in an unassuming environment, and helps make this event possible! 

  1. You would send us a list of your ticket sells, along with the tickets being provided.

  2. When the deadline to purchase tickets ends the total would be added up and 35% of your tickets sells would be for your youth group.

  3. Sign up sheet with there ticket code and what youth group we’ll be required to count as the ticket being sold.


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Youth Group rates

  $15 OFF 

  • Discounts on General admission tickets,

  • Meet & greet with all Artists,

  • Group rates are $10 per youth for groups 10+

Please send the first part of the application to