Our organization, Reaching The Unreached Fest, Inc. is dedicated to making a positive and lasting impact on the youth of Buffalo and New York state community by sharing our Christian faith through the universal language of music and other creative means.

We are planning fundraisers to help raise funds for our 2nd annual Christian hip-hop festival in July 2023. The first fundraising event will be held on January 21, 2023, at the Martha Mitchell community center, 175 Oakmont Ave Buffalo, NY. Our efforts will go further with your support in buying a ticket today!


While the media usually highlights the negative actions of young people, especially with regard to crime, there are many noteworthy initiatives that go unrecognized. The efforts of Reaching The Unreached Fest would go further with your sponsorship or support by buying a ticket. 

This year we have decided to see who has what it takes to perform at our 2nd annual Festival happening in July. If you know anyone with gifts and represents the Christian faith then invite them to participate in our talent show happening in January 21st, 2023. You can find the rules, regulations and the talents application below.


When you buy tickets your helping us provide an experience for our youth for future events.

Upcoming Events

  • R.T.U.F Experience Event Part III "Talent Show"
    Sat, Jan 21
    RTUF is hosting a local talent competition. Winner is given a slot at our annual festival in July. virtual audition - open mic format. Talent show is in January, if interested please visit our website for more info on rules and prices for performers.
  • Reaching the Unreached Fest
    Fri, Jul 15
    Johnny B. Wiley Stadium
    This Festival was created to reach souls for Christ. We are in a world were our youth is being influenced by wickedness but by giving back & bring hope we plan on Minisrtying the Love of God.
  • Christ to the Community
    Sat, Jun 25
    Expressway ag Church
  • The Experience Event Pt 2 "Love Conquers"
    Fri, Apr 22
    Expressway Assembly of God
    Come Experience the Love of christ and how he can change a generation.
  • R.T.U.F. Experience
    Sat, Jan 22
    Martha p. Mitchell Community Center
    We are excited to announce our event “R.T.U.F. Experience” - an event raising money for our festival next year. There will be live music, food, and much more. You don't want to miss it. Come celebrate our Lord and Savior's birth with your family and friends present.

Our events are full of Love and community!